Meet the Team

Talha J. Pirzada

Talha has used his technical expertise to design a 25 foot tall tower which aims to clean around 35 million cubic feet of air per day. He dreams of making a lasting societal impact and feels passionately about issues including education, environment and emancipation of women. He currently works as a Chartered Aerospace Engineer at Cross UK. He is also pursuing his PhD in Aerospace Materials at the University of Oxford.

Talha has taught undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford and University College London (UCL) and supervises Masters level research at UCL. He is supervising two PhD’s one at Imperial College London and the other one at the University of Bristol. He is also one of the founders at Teach9, an online platform which is focused on increasing accessibility to top quality education and mentorship for students across in the developing world.

Arafat Mir

Arafat is a graduate of University College London (Msc Security Studies) and Royal Holloway University (BSc Economics and Politics). Arafat’s extensive research and professional experience in global business regulation, economic policy, and the political security landscape of Pakistan have shaped his worldview towards conscious capitalism, and reinforced his passion for human security, renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

Realizing the importance of climate change and the critical issue of pollution that plagues Pakistan, Arafat has conducted extensive research on mitigating pollution and best practices for environmental conservation. Together with his research team, he has combined his expertise in data analytics and green projects, and spearheads Pak Fiza.

Maryam Saeed

Maryam seeks to remedy the impact of development, industrialisation and capitalism on Mother Earth and women’s lives and bodies. She founded Femkins, a social enterprise aimed at creating social and environmental change through introducing menstrual hygiene products that are healthy, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Maryam is also the Director of SAMAAJ, a non-profit organisation aimed at creating change through visual arts. She has extensively worked in the non-profit sector in Pakistan, particularly with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, on issues including safety of journalists and rights defenders, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and belief and abolition of death penalty. Maryam is a Commonwealth Scholar with a Masters in International Development from the University of Bath, UK.

Rana Jahanzaib

Rana Jahanzaib is the Project Manager for Pak Fiza. Being a CAD specialist he has vast experience in designing mechanical projects. Jahanzaib has utilised his experience in design and manufacturing to make Pak Fiza’s Model H a reality.

He is currently a Masters scholar in Mechanical Engineering at CUST Islamabad; where he also teaches engineering drawing and CAD in the Department Mechanical Engineering.

An open minded, creative and passion-able person with meticulous thinking, Jahanzaib is a strong believer in the power of think to innovate.

Bilal Bin Saqib

Bilal Bin Saqib is a graduate in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics. At the LSE, he served as the Sabbatical Postgraduate Students’ Officer representing 65% of the students’ population. He also served as a trustee at the LSE Students’ Union and was also awarded the highly commendable Master’s Student of the Year in the UK by He is also the founder of an NGO in Pakistan, Tayaba, that helps the water-stricken communities get access to clean and safe drinking water through H2O wheel (an innovative water-carrying device). The organisation has positively impacted the lives of around 40,000 water-deprived individuals in the country.

Bilal also serves as a mentor for business students at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London.